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Submitted by Jennifer Kellar, APR

Now is the perfect time to explore Accreditation in Public Relations (APR)—April is PRSA’s APR Month. The APR program is a voluntary certification opportunity for public relations professionals that includes completion of a Readiness Review panel interview and passing of a computer-based exam. The program is an opportunity to differentiate yourself among your peers and in your workplace by demonstrating your commitment to the profession and your subject matter expertise.

PRSA Maryland offers guidance and support to candidates who are seeking accreditation. In 2015, three chapter members achieved APR status, and there are several more candidates pursuing it this year. Candidates have provided positive feedback on the process saying it was both enriching and rewarding from beginning to end.

Recently accredited Chapter President Dan Dunne said, “After many years as a public relations professional, earning my APR has given me a whole new perspective and knowledge-base of the PR industry. With that understanding comes a higher level of confidence in being able to deliver the utmost in all aspects of my communications role.”

Have you been wondering what it takes to earn your APR? Or what it will mean for your career? You can find out more at www.praccreditation.org and by contacting Jennifer Kellar at jennifer.kellar@aecom.com.

Stay tuned for information about a Readiness Review prep session that will be scheduled this month.

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