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The Baltimore Sun Editors 2013

The Baltimore Sun Editors 2013

This week’s “Morning with The Baltimore Sun” event didn’t disappoint!

We gained valuable knowledge about some of the organizational and business changes that have taken place at The Sun as well as those that are still in the works.  Attendees included communications pros from corporate, government agencies, academia and local nonprofits.

The panel of Sun editors also provided excellent tips on the best ways to contact them:

If you don’t know which editor to contact, or you really need to reach someone quickly, contact the newsroom.  Someone will promptly direct you to the most relevant staff member.

  1. The Baltimore Sun avidly monitors social media (Facebook and Twitter) so this is also a great way to get in contact with someone.
  2. Editors are generally more responsive to pitches with multimedia components.  But, don’t go through the trouble of creating video just to include in your pitch.  Send what you already have.
  3. Editors prefer links to content rather than receiving actual files via e-mail.
  4. Send op-ed pitches to commentary@baltsun.com.
  5. Send event pitches to Events Manager Lori Sears (lsears@baltsun.com).

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