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We welcome guest blogger Alan Reisberg of Capital Media*

Do more for your clients, get more for your bottom line

Retaining clients and minimizing churn is critical for an agency’s health and vitality. That’s why every agency manager and, truth be told, every staff member, should be charged with doing everything possible to retain existing clients. Providing exemplary product and service in your firm’s core competencies of PR, Social and Influencer marketing is critical to satisfying client needs and building long lasting relationships.

Another great way to increase your firm’s essential value to clients is to expand your range of services so clients rely on you for more than what they think of as core PR. And you have to do it in a smart way that you know you can deliver on. Advertising creative, for example, is a natural fit; after all, you know your client’s message, and how to position them for positive impact. And, by partnering with an experienced media planning and buying group that works seamlessly with your firm when you need them, you deepen your professional relationships while keeping the number of agencies in your clients’ sphere of influence to a minimum.

It’s a strategic play that takes a proactive approach to building stronger client relationships while minimizing the risk of losing clients to full service marketing firms that claim to do it all, including PR. We all know that one-stop shops can provide the gamut of mar-comm services, but they can’t deliver the same level of quality across all disciplines.

Media planning and buying is a skilled discipline with significant costs, and media research and experienced media talent doesn’t come cheap. That’s why outsourcing this work when you need it makes sense. This approach ensures your clients benefit from your top notch communications talent, coupled with top notch results driven by dedicated media planning and buying specialists.

You gain hero status for providing more of what clients need in the marketing and communications world. You make it easier on them. And, you maintain ownership of the client relationship; one that is now bigger and more profitable than it was before you started offering these supplemental services.


*Capital Media, LLC  is a sponsor of the 2017 PRSA Maryland Conference scheduled for June 8. Learn more about the conference by clicking here.


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