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SPRING 2019 APR Online Study Course Open House is Jan. 22

The APR Online Study Course will have an Open House web meeting on Tuesday, January 22 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern time [noon Pacific]. In the Open House, PRSA Maryland Chapter members interested in getting their APR can learn more about the requirements for obtaining the APR designation. You will also learn about what’s involved in taking the online course. 

The Spring session of the online course begins on Tuesday, January 29 and runs for 15 weeks, to Tuesday, June 4. You can find the spring schedule here. The online course is “self-paced” over 10 modules, each of which is focused on the KSAs (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) required to pass the 4-hour APR exam. After completing 75% of the course materials and the milestone activities, course facilitators are confident you will pass the exam. Click here to register for the online course

Candidates are encouraged to work together with others in their cohort groups or by finding a mentor, coach, or study partner. They are also encouraged to tweet, share, and encourage others to support them in their pursuit of the APR using the hashtag #APRPREP. Contact Michael Henry, Technical Facilitator of the APR Online Study Course, if you have questions about the course. 

Calling all APRs! Serve as a Panel Presentation judge and keep your accreditation current!

The PRSA Maryland Chapter currently has 8 APR candidates who will soon be ready to give their Panel Presentations. We are putting the word out now for those APRs interested in serving as a Panel Presentation evaluator in 2019.

You can earn 1 point for each Panel Presentation you evaluate, which counts toward the 5 points you must earn every 3 years to keep your accreditation current. We will be hosting two types of panels:

  • Final Panel Presentations –This would involve an in-person meeting during one evening after work at a Baltimore-area business or organization yet to be determined.
  • Practice Presentation – We would also like to offer APR candidates an opportunity to practice their Panel Presentation before giving the real thing. This would involve about an hour of your time via video chat or conference call with the candidate.

Please contact Dianna Fornaro, APR Chair, at dfornaro@ceiwc.com if you are interested in serving as a Panel Presentation evaluator on one of the panels, or would like more information on this important volunteer opportunity.

April is APR Month!


April is APR month. The Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) is a credential earned by public relations practitioners who commit to the profession through ethical practices and sound judgment, strategic perspectives, knowledge of best practices and the use of the four-step RPIE process.

Unlike other professions, the field of public relations does not require licensure or certification to practice the craft. But it does require expertise, knowledge and training to be a successful public relations professional and strategic counselor.

There’s no better time than now to begin your journey toward your APR. See what other APRs have to say by clicking here and on our Facebook page.

Learn more at www.praccreditation.org. Or contact Dianna Fornaro, Accreditation Chair, at dfornaro@ceiwc.com.


PRSA Mid-Atlantic District Orchestrates Third Successful APR Boot Camp

by Jill Kurt
Originally posted on Mid-Atlantic District District News April 27, 2017 

PRSA Maryland Chapter Members:  start planning to earn your APR in 2018.

The PRSA Mid-Atlantic District and its members orchestrated the country’s third successful PRSA Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) district boot camp, April 5-8, in Richmond, Virginia.

The boot camp attracted 17 APR candidates. “Our district is the only district in the nation to sponsor an APR boot camp, and now we’ve conducted one three years in a row,“ said Liz Smith, APR, who served as Mid-Atlantic District chair in 2015 and spearheaded the boot camps with the help and support of PRSA National and host chapter Richmond. “If you are considering attending the Mid-Atlantic District’s 2018 Boot Camp, it is not too early to start planning,” Smith said. Read more … 

Dates for the spring 2018 Mid-Atlantic District boot camp and location will be announced by December 2017. The boot camp is open to APR and APR+M candidates located within the district and throughout the nation.

Refer to the outline for the recently completed April 2017 boot camp to understand how a boot camp is organized and how to prepare.

Also, review the important 2017 APR Study Guide for information on the applications process, candidate questionnaire and textbook recommendations.

Have questions? Contact Maryland Chapter APR Chair Jennifer Kellar, APR, at jennifer.kellar@aecom.com.

Interested in getting your APR? Register for APR Open House Web Meeting 1/24/17


Did your new year’s resolutions include taking your career to the next level? Consider becoming an APR in 2017!

If you’re interested in seeing what it takes to become Accredited in Public Relations (APR), we encourage you to join the virtual APR Open House Web Meeting, next Tuesday, January 24, at 3:00 p.m., hosted by Kathy Mulvihill, PRSA National’s Accreditation Manager. She will be sharing information about study opportunities in 2017.

A list of other PRSA National APR Prep activities can be found here: APR PREP Schedule

If you have questions about the APR process, you can contact Jennifer Kellar locally at jennifer.kellar@aecom.com for guidance.

Spring into April with an APR


Submitted by Jennifer Kellar, APR

Now is the perfect time to explore Accreditation in Public Relations (APR)—April is PRSA’s APR Month. The APR program is a voluntary certification opportunity for public relations professionals that includes completion of a Readiness Review panel interview and passing of a computer-based exam. The program is an opportunity to differentiate yourself among your peers and in your workplace by demonstrating your commitment to the profession and your subject matter expertise.

PRSA Maryland offers guidance and support to candidates who are seeking accreditation. In 2015, three chapter members achieved APR status, and there are several more candidates pursuing it this year. Candidates have provided positive feedback on the process saying it was both enriching and rewarding from beginning to end.

Recently accredited Chapter President Dan Dunne said, “After many years as a public relations professional, earning my APR has given me a whole new perspective and knowledge-base of the PR industry. With that understanding comes a higher level of confidence in being able to deliver the utmost in all aspects of my communications role.”

Have you been wondering what it takes to earn your APR? Or what it will mean for your career? You can find out more at www.praccreditation.org and by contacting Jennifer Kellar at jennifer.kellar@aecom.com.

Stay tuned for information about a Readiness Review prep session that will be scheduled this month.

Thank You to Our Chapter Sponsors

Thank You to Our Chapter Sponsors