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Video streaming is an excellent way to promote your client’s event or product (or even your client themself).

What is Video Streaming?

Per Streamalot, who says it best: “Streaming Media is the action of sending encoded (digitized) audio and/or video data out across the internet as a series of small data packets that may be viewed by the end user in a real time fashion through the use of a Media Player. The data stream is accessed via a Media Player (Windows Media, WinAmp, iTunes, Real, or Quicktime).”

Essentially, streaming allows the end user, your audience, to view audio or video files live and instantaneously.

Can’t you see the benefits as a public relations professional?

How do I Video Stream?

  1. Choose the format you want to stream in: Windows Media, MP3, Quicktime, RealMedia)
  2. Choose to hardware encode (you’ll need to purchase an encoding device) or software encode (i.e. Windows Media Encoder) your media file.
  3. Choose a reputable streaming provider to host your stream.

What are some tips and tricks you have learned along the way for ensuring successful video streaming? Enter them in the comments below!

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