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What can you say about Twitter? Like it or not, this still fairly-new medium has literally rocked the PR world for the past couple of years.

Stories have been broken on Twitter over ten minutes faster than its traditional counterparts. Customer service has been transformed through the use of this medium. And, since disgruntled consumers have found Twitter to be very effective in getting quick retribution for poor service, consumers are expecting much more from companies they’ve been loyal to. They no longer want to just be “marketed to”; rather, many now want to influence the conversation and have their say.

Although lots of companies have joined the conversation already, many are still on the sidelines, waiting for the right time to hop in (images of little girls waiting for the perfect time to enter when jumping rope pop into mind). However, the problem with waiting for the perfect time is that there is no perfect time. Companies who sit this one out will undoubtedly lose out!

Twitter veteran, Jeff Davis, of Sawmill Marketing Public Relations, has said that he doesn’t think today’s social media tools should replace traditional methods. Instead, he believes new media should be woven into an overall PR strategy — that ignoring social media tools such as Twitter is just as dangerous as relying exclusively on Twitter to get a message out.

Jeff will be discussing this topic and more during two workshops he will conduct on Twitter at the upcoming PRSA-Maryland Chesapeake Conference. Between the two sessions he’ll explore everything from retweets and hashtags to Twitter etiquette and what should be included in your corporate policy for social media usage.

Those who haven’t joined the conversation yet will especially benefit from his afternoon session, as he’ll be walking us through the process of signing up. Don’t forget to bring your laptops!

If you have questions or need more information, Jeff can be reached through his newly redesigned website/blog, sawmillmarketing.com.

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