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A Taste of Effective Video Marketing Methods – From Tried and True to Leading Edge: Barbara Haupt, President and Elissa Leif, CEO, MiniMatters Video & Marketing

Barbara and Elissa offers up a quick taste of 5 video marketing methods they have seen pay off in big results for organizations and businesses.
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Networking: Not an Event! Joni Daniels, M.S. Ed., Daniels & Associates, speaker, author, consultant, trainer

Joni will share practical advice on how to network for success … how to convert a collection of business cards into genuine business leads and relationships.
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SEO: Not even half the story: Jay McCutcheon, Principal & Marketing Director, Mission Media, LLC and David Harrison, Harrison Communications

Jay and David will provide five effective steps you can take to position your content for greater discovery by those you care most about reaching.

Mobile: Disrupting Everything We Know About PR: Sterling C. McKinley, Internet Marketing Specialist, McKinley Media Group

Sterling will help you discover how Mobile is effecting every communication channel from publishing to taxi services. 

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