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On March 23rd, Gloria Berthold Larkin, president of TargetGov, provided attendees to the joint IPRC/PRSA-MD program with insider tips on how to locate government contracts and how to best position to win the contract awards.

Did you know that in 2009, the federal government spent over $344 million dollars on public relations contracts? To work to win your portion of that pie, Gloria suggested the following tips:

  • Register at ccr.gov and in the SBA small business dynamic search database.
  • Fine-tune your marketing pitch to cover your core competencies, experience, and differentiators.
  • Identify your targets, whether they are federal agencies, prime contractors, or teaming partners (or all three).
  • Identify and meet the decision makers: small business reps at the Federal OSDBU Directors Interagency Council, contracting offices and acquisitions staff, and program managers.
  • Build relationships through your capabilities statement and capabilities briefings.
  • Market yourself aggressively by getting in front of decision makers, making your website government friendly, e-mail, attending procurement conferences and the OSDBU conference (next one is April 21 at Dulles Expo center!).

Download two valuable handouts from the program. Although it is a long process to set yourself up for government work (12 to 18 months entry cycle), the work is worth it. Just think of that $344 million pie!

–Industry News