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Submitted by Guest Blogger Sterling Mckinley, Internet Marketing Specialist

Mobile marketing is changing every area of our lives. It’s also changing every business as well. Mobile is different. It’s unique, it’s fast and it’s quick all right in the palm of your hand. Mobile marketing has forever changed the way advertisers can communicate with their consumers.

For the first time, a business has instant 24/7 access to their customers. Likewise, for the first time, consumers have instant, anywhere access to a business. This makes every business mobile. Every business can be accessed anywhere in the world whether somebody’s at work, at home, working out or doing other tasks.

It also has made it more and more important for companies to manage their mobile presence. Many times the first interaction somebody has with a company is on a mobile device. Consumers, are busier than they have ever been in the history of the world. More times than not, when they’re out and about and on the go, their phone is their primary resource to the world.

After your consumer is finished looking at watching videos, sending texts and making calls, they are doing real research on these phones. Looking up stores, locations, and comparing products and making a decision to make a purchase.

Also, mobile marketing is changing the way we consume news and media. It used to be that TV and the newspaper were the primary source where you got information.

Now that’s no longer true. Breaking news now is mobile. If you think about any of the big events in the past couple of years, whether that’s the presidential election, or a natural disaster, you first hear about it first on your mobile device. Mobile is changing the way we consume media. Also when we watch TV now and consume other forms of media, mobile plays a big part in that. Mobile is a truly disruptive technology. No matter what your consumer is doing, mobile always plays a part in their consumption of media,

Here are some tips to help your company or organization use mobile marketing better.

1.Think like Twitter
Twitter has changed the way we consume media, and other information as well. Your messages must be quick, to the point, and easy to read and digest. On Twitter, you can only have 140 characters. The Twitter effect is causing all mediums, especially mobile, to be more succinct and to the point.

2. Social, mobile
Mobile marketing is social marketing. Your customers aren’t sitting home on their computers or their laptops, on Twitter, on Facebook or on LinkedIn. Many times, social media is consumed on mobile phones and on tablets. Any message you send out on social media or emails must be formatted for phones. Social media is mobile marketing.

3. Begin to craft content for each screen
When producing content, make sure that it will be visible on every screen. Make sure it looks good on your desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a phone. You can do that by writing content that is focused and to the point.

4. Invest in a responsive website design
Instead of building a separate mobile website for your company, invest in a responsive website. A responsive website will take the form and shape of any device whether that’s a tablet, an iPhone or Android phone and it will make your information readable.

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