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In his own words…

Crafty, in an artsy sort of way…

Craig being crafty

Craig being crafty

When not PRSAing or gainfully employed, I love to spend time with my family and grandchildren. I also love to read, wood burn and do wood crafts. There’s nothing quite like sawdust and wood smoke in your eyes, nose and mouth to make you feel alive.

I was born on a dark and stormy night… actually, it was a nice afternoon in the English countryside. My father was in the US Air Force and stationed in England. We lived in the small London suburb of Keston. I was born at home as

the hub bub around the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II made it impossible for Dad to get Mom to the hospital. A midwife came and all went well though I am still waiting for an apology from the Queen.

As a result of being born on English soil and not at the US Airbase, I had dual citizenship until I was 18; the United States wouldn’t let me keep both so I opted for US citizenship as I find singing the Star Spangled Banner more vocally challenging than God Save the Queen. (Once you get to know me, you’ll find that I love a good challenge.)

I have lived in England, France, Germany, Maine, Michigan, Utah (five places), New Hampshire, Oregon, Idaho (five places), Washington, California, Connecticut, New Mexico and now Maryland. Up until a few years ago, I could not visualize living anywhere more than four or five years. I’ve mellowed and we have enjoyed life in Maryland nearly 14 years.

My all-time favorite place to live is wherever my wife is. She makes everyplace home and I find good people wherever we live.

Earlier, I mentioned wood crafts. For this past Christmas season, I made more than 100 musical ornaments, picture puzzles, puzzle ornaments, wood burned portraits, nativity puzzles and various other items. These were largely given as presents to friends and family. Some of the work I’ve done is shown with me in the accompanying picture.

So, if you decide that I’m a crafty sort of guy, you are probably correct in more ways than one.

As good wood burners (also known as pyrographers) are wont to say, “I yearn to burn.” However, if I ever do anything that goes against the grain, branches into areas best left alone, or leafs you feeling treed, wood you please let me know so I can get to the root of the problem. I really don’t want to just lumber along making an ash of myself.

Did I mention that I also do very, very bad puns?

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