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Did you attend PRSA-MD’s session on LinkedIn with Fran Simon? If you did, you’ll remember that the session was so lively that we ran out of time! Fran wanted to share some of the additional tips she had planned on discussing. Here you go – enjoy!

  1. You must have a keyword-rich, interesting and remarkable profile.
  2. Claim your vanity URL.
  3. Ummm… This is SOCIAL media- make your profile PUBLIC and accessible!
  4. Increase your connections. Make it a goal to add more each week.
  5. Join 50 Groups, set up notifications so they come to your email, and READ and comment on them.
  6. Create your Company Profile, add your products and services, post jobs, and ask employees to use the official company name so they show up as employees.
  7. LinkedIn allows you to add links on your profile to your website, blog, and other sites. Use them, and name the links appropriately.
  8. Update you status often. If it makes it easier, link your Twitter account to LinkedIn or use Sharaholic, HootSuite,Sesmic Desktop, or Tweetdeck to post on LinkedIn and Twitter at the same time. Time saver!
  9. Make friends with social media “Power Tools” like Sharaholic, HootSuite,Sesmic Desktop, or Tweetdeck (and others) to make power-posting possible.
  10. You have a smartphone… Use it! Put the LinkedIn app on your iPhone, BB, or Android and use downtime (standing in lines is my fav) to post.
  11. The final “DUH!” Tip: Publicize your personal and company LI presences on your site, on print materials, on other social media sites, and on your forehead, if all else fails!

Want more? There are two more slides of tips in the bonus material in the presentation at http://www.esbyfs.com/lipr.

–Industry News