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On Thursday, September 23, Jean Miskimon, APR, of {JeanInk} presented “10 Tips for Honing an Essential PR skill” to attendees of our first Fall Writing Series session.

As  Jean said, “strong writing matters”. However, “very few PR professionals can write well” – welcome to the “dirty little secret of PR”! Here are Jean’s tips for honing your writing, an undoubtedly essential PR skill:

  1. Create an outline
  2. Take your time – time to think, and time for rough drafts
  3. Editing is key (Read it backwards! You’ll catch more errors.)
  4. Be concise (Seldom use more than 17 words per sentence.)
  5. Consider the audience (WIIFM – What’s in it for me)
  6. Remember the basics (spelling, facts and attribution)
  7. Avoid common mistakes (punctuation, grammar and the usuals: its vs. it’s, too/two/to, etc.)
  8. Study good writers
  9. Know that all writers struggle
  10. Utilize writing resources (Jean posted her link of fabulous resources on her website – check out the 25 writers you should follow on Twitter!)

This was a great session, and a wonderful beginning to our Fall Writing Series! Be sure to register for Writing for SEO on Oct. 7 and Writing for Blogging on Nov. 18.

–Industry News