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A big box retailer has retained your public relations agency to develop a campaign so that they can build in a specific location. The strategy is to create a business economic promotion for the local community. The promotion will include general statements from local political and business leaders about the importance of economic development to the future of the community. The retailer has asked your firm to develop and execute the campaign, including contacting the local business leaders, as the retailer prefers not to have its name associated with the campaign. You are asked to form a community organization to sponsor the campaign.

How do you identify your agency’s relationship with the campaign?

Guidance — Professional Standard 7 Front Groups

This is a front group, which requires open communications to inform the public that this campaign is funded by the big box organization and organized by your agency. A campaign that does not disclose this information should be avoided, because it constitutes improper conduct and malpractice under the PRSA Code of Ethics.

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