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If you attended the 2014 or 2015 Chessie Conference, a 2015 APR prep session, a 2013 media training presentation or one or more of our workshops held at Erickson Living, you probably know Erickson Living. What you might not know is that, Erickson not only hosted but sponsored those events. And they are a Chapter Sponsor.

2015 Chesapeake Conference

2015 Chesapeake Conference

And today, we announce Erickson Living is our 2015 Partner of Distinction. Each year, the chapter recognizes one vendor or supplier for outstanding support of the profession or our mission. Effective public relations and the growth of our profession is a partnership between the PR professional and their business partners. PRSA Maryland will present the award during our December 1 Best in Maryland Gala (click here for more information and tickets).

Erickson Living, with its roots and headquarters in Baltimore, is an operator and developer of retirement communities. They have been a leader in senior living for more than 30 years growing from its early beginnings in Catonsville to include 18 communities in 10 states

The connection with PRSA Maryland and the PR profession fits into EL mission which embraces community and helping people think and see differently. While EL primary focus is changing the way America thinks about aging – “we’re in the business of helping people live better lives” – it connects to PRSA Maryland’s mission to unify, strengthen and advance the profession of public relations to help our communities across the state look at a multitude of issues differently.

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Dan Dunne, Erickson Living

Dollars and facilities are just one part of what Erickson Living contributes to the chapter. Dan Dunne, APR is a board member while Dani Baldassare serves as our official Twitter voice and Mel Tansill has been active on the Chessie planning committee. And they are a just a few of EL staff contributing time and talent. You will find EL staff helping plan events, secure speakers, and develop content. They actively share content and promote the chapter and the profession.

“We greatly value our partnership with PRSA Maryland and the opportunity it provides us to help position its members for future success,” commented Adam Kane, EL Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs.

Thank you, Erickson Living from all the PRSA MD members.

To learn more about the Partner of Distinction Award, all the Professional Awards and the Best In Maryland, follow the links.

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