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2019 PRSA Maryland Annual Conference

Online Registration is closed. Please register onsite or email us at info@prsamd.org. Late fees will apply.

Thursday, July 18 | 7:15 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Notre Dame of Maryland University

Truth. Transparency. Authenticity. The push to do business and communicate in a more open and transparent way.

Today’s consumers want more in their purchasing choices than a great product or service. Whether it’s shoes or eye glasses, luggage or even ice cream, the soul and character of an organization carry just as much weight.

What’s all this got to do with public relations? Turns out, pretty much everything. We’ll open our day with a deep dive on this issue through the lens of our city, Baltimore. We’ll discuss how to address and apply the demand for transparency in our work as a public relations professional.

Then, take those aha’s into a series of sessions on key PR topics. How can we live a mantra of transparency in the daily tasks of PR?

A day of education and networking event. Plus the chance to catch up with old acquaintances and make new ones. The conference is a must-attend program for those seeking new insights and perspectives on the latest industry trends. 

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Investment (includes continental breakfast, break & lunch. Plus free parking)
PRSA Member: $219 (includes late fee)
Guest: $269.00  (includes late fee)
Student: $95.00 (includes late fee)
*Registration fees increase $20 7/16/2019

Parking and where to go:
Parking is free. We recommend using the Homeland Avenue entrance for easiest access. The parking lot is to the left past the Playing Field and Tennis Courts. Note that there are steps from the parking lot leading up to Doyle Hall, just follow the signs. There will be a shuttle available 7 a.m. – 9 a.m. for those that don’t wish or can’t make the climb. Click here for campus map.

Handicapped spaces are available next to Doyle and there is a drop off area directly in front of Doyle. Please let us know at info@prsamd.org if you will need assistance.

Multi-Staff Discount available! Send 3 or more staff from the same organization and receive $20 off each registration (student fee not eligible for discount). Please click here for Multi-discount Registration Form.

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Meet Volunteer – David Harrison

David Harrison

David Harrison

Submitted by Gabriel Chapman

One of PRSA Maryland’s newest volunteers is David Harrison, owner of Harrison Communications in Owings Mills, Md. David was PRSA-MD’s 2013 Best In Maryland chair and is co-chair of this year’s event.

As a self-proclaimed “news junkie,” David was a professional journalist for 10 years, working mainly at the American Banker and the Baltimore Business Journal. His transition into public relations began in 1999 when he took a job at Imre, specializing in communications for associations, then later moved onto owning his own PR firm.

One of his proudest PR moments was working on a story with Jean Moss at CNN, who covered an exhibit at the American Urological Association. In David’s words, “It was the first, and maybe only, time she’d left New York to cover a story, and she did a great job.”

Outside of “trying to get to every lacrosse game and practice” to see his (SON/DAUGHTER) play, David’s main hobby is fishing. When asked what he hopes to accomplish in his role in PRSA-MD this year, David replied, “I want the chapter to become more vibrant and active, with a good mix of senior level and younger communications professionals.”

Quick peek at some Chessie Sessions!

Want to get a heads up on some of our sessions? Here’s a look at what’s in store for you from some of our speakers …

A Taste of Effective Video Marketing Methods – From Tried and True to Leading Edge: Barbara Haupt, President and Elissa Leif, CEO, MiniMatters Video & Marketing

Barbara and Elissa offers up a quick taste of 5 video marketing methods they have seen pay off in big results for organizations and businesses.
Click here for handout

Networking: Not an Event! Joni Daniels, M.S. Ed., Daniels & Associates, speaker, author, consultant, trainer

Joni will share practical advice on how to network for success … how to convert a collection of business cards into genuine business leads and relationships.
Click here for handout
About Joni Daniels

SEO: Not even half the story: Jay McCutcheon, Principal & Marketing Director, Mission Media, LLC and David Harrison, Harrison Communications

Jay and David will provide five effective steps you can take to position your content for greater discovery by those you care most about reaching.

Mobile: Disrupting Everything We Know About PR: Sterling C. McKinley, Internet Marketing Specialist, McKinley Media Group

Sterling will help you discover how Mobile is effecting every communication channel from publishing to taxi services. 

Click here for a full descriptions of these and all our events!



Meet Craig H. Campbell, 2014 President, PRSA – MD Chapter

In his own words…

Crafty, in an artsy sort of way…

Craig being crafty

Craig being crafty

When not PRSAing or gainfully employed, I love to spend time with my family and grandchildren. I also love to read, wood burn and do wood crafts. There’s nothing quite like sawdust and wood smoke in your eyes, nose and mouth to make you feel alive.

I was born on a dark and stormy night… actually, it was a nice afternoon in the English countryside. My father was in the US Air Force and stationed in England. We lived in the small London suburb of Keston. I was born at home as

the hub bub around the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II made it impossible for Dad to get Mom to the hospital. A midwife came and all went well though I am still waiting for an apology from the Queen.

As a result of being born on English soil and not at the US Airbase, I had dual citizenship until I was 18; the United States wouldn’t let me keep both so I opted for US citizenship as I find singing the Star Spangled Banner more vocally challenging than God Save the Queen. (Once you get to know me, you’ll find that I love a good challenge.)

I have lived in England, France, Germany, Maine, Michigan, Utah (five places), New Hampshire, Oregon, Idaho (five places), Washington, California, Connecticut, New Mexico and now Maryland. Up until a few years ago, I could not visualize living anywhere more than four or five years. I’ve mellowed and we have enjoyed life in Maryland nearly 14 years.

My all-time favorite place to live is wherever my wife is. She makes everyplace home and I find good people wherever we live.

Earlier, I mentioned wood crafts. For this past Christmas season, I made more than 100 musical ornaments, picture puzzles, puzzle ornaments, wood burned portraits, nativity puzzles and various other items. These were largely given as presents to friends and family. Some of the work I’ve done is shown with me in the accompanying picture.

So, if you decide that I’m a crafty sort of guy, you are probably correct in more ways than one.

As good wood burners (also known as pyrographers) are wont to say, “I yearn to burn.” However, if I ever do anything that goes against the grain, branches into areas best left alone, or leafs you feeling treed, wood you please let me know so I can get to the root of the problem. I really don’t want to just lumber along making an ash of myself.

Did I mention that I also do very, very bad puns?

Meet your 2014 PRSA-MD Board of Directors.

PRSA Maryland would like to thank all members who cast their votes for 2014 Board of Directors slate. The slate has been approved as follows.

2014 PRSA-MD Board of Directors

Craig Campbell

Laurie Farrell

Vice President:
Anita Brightman, APR

Garrett Berberich

Robert Hunter IV

Director at Large:
Chris Stevens

Director at Large:
Marc Apter, APR

Director at Large: Open

Click here to view full bios and contact information.

We’d like to take this time to thank the 2013 BOD as well as all our committee chairs and members for sharing your time and expertise. Your vision and dedication is paramount to the success of the MD Chapter.

A special Thank You to our outgoing president, Nneka Jenkins, whose dedication during the last several years (two as Chapter President) has been monumental to our continuing success. Don’t worry…Nneka isn’t disappearing! She’ll still be here to offer her advice and support to the Board for the coming year.

Finally, last year, we set a goal to bring more value to your membership, and 2013 was only the beginning. With programming that included a mix of face-to-face meetings and virtual meetings, the Chesapeake Conference in June, the Best In MD awards program, and the return of the Best In MD Gala (with all the trappings), we worked to offer you different ways to connect, learn and celebrate your accomplishments.

As we head into 2014, the BOD is already seeking new ways to continue to fulfill this promise and as always, welcomes any comments, ideas or questions you may have. Feel free to contact any Board member or the PRSA-MD office.

–Industry News