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Prep for Success

Today’s generation of college grads often think a degree means instant success and a silver platter after graduation. When did that mindset happen? Especially in today’s society, you’ve got to be the cream of the crop, the best of the best and a step above the rest just to enter into the field. If you’re a young professional, here are a few tips to consider in making yourself irresistible to an employer. Are you the employer looking for the best new “meat”? Make sure the candidates have followed these tips. It sets up success for everyone involved!

Show up
Never blow off an interview, voicemail or day of work/internship. If you’re accountable, people will count on you.

Be on time
Just because you’re an intern or entry level does not mean you aren’t noticed. It’s the little things that matter, after all.

Follow up
Business professionals are busy! If you make yourself top of mind, they’ll appreciate your drive and determination.

Be desired
Don’t just sit back and wait for direction. Be assertive. Find a way that you can help (without being told) and dig in.

Stay flexible
No one is above the grunt work, especially not a young professional. Step up to the plate when it comes to filing, running errands, answering phones and even making copies. If it helps a colleague, especially senior management, take pride in lightening their load, even if it means doing administrative tasks.

Good luck new and young professionals, and business leaders, don’t settle for ordinary!

–Industry News