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April’s Virtual Meeting “We want to be out there!” Recap

We launched our monthly virtual Brown Bag Lunch series on April 8 in an attempt to answer two simple (or not so simple) questions – where is out there and, more specifically, how do you get out there?

To find some answers, we picked the mind of industry veteran and PRSA-MD member, David Harrison of Harrison Communications.

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David began by explaining that “out there” is not so simple any more. While it was once a finite universe of tradition media (e.g., print, TV, radio), it is now a growing infinite universe crossing a spectrum of print, digital, online, videos etc. So the first step in determining where you need to be is to define your audience: who are they, what are they reading, and where they reside in this infinite universe.  Once you find it, the key to spreading your message—aka creating the buzz—is finding content that will resonate with your audience.

“Success in public relations is not driven by what you want to say,” David says, “It is driven by what people want to hear and what people want to see.” Success then is understanding how to deliver your message in the context of what people are interested in.

So what do people want to hear and see? People want…

♦ To make/save money. Show people how to do either and they will listen.
♦ To trust. You must be trustworthy for your message to be compelling so make trust part of the communication plan.
♦ Things to be easier. Think NetFlix.
♦ To be motivated. People are interested in seeing and learning how others succeed.
♦ To be inspired. Inspiration drives people to learn more and share more.
♦ To be entertained.
♦ To laugh.
♦ To be the first to know. People like feel included and special.
♦ To be recognized/validated. People want to be seen and heard.
♦ To help. Give people the opportunity to help and your message will be heard.

Hear more from David including great examples of each tip in action by listening to full discussion above

Our next virtual Brown Bag is scheduled for Tuesday, May 13, 2014 12:30p1p. Join us for a quick chat where you’ll gain new tips right from the comfort of your office, home or even car! More info coming soon!

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