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Dorothy & Lisa at #BIM16

You can read all sorts of posts and how-to’s and why-to article on going virtual. Most are looking at how you assemble a team that works virtually for the same org (think same payroll, same brand). But what if you don’t want to expand your payroll, just your bandwidth?

That’s where the session “Partnering and Building an Effective Virtual Agency” picks up the conversation. I caught up co-presenter and virtual partner Lisa Coster, Coster Communications to ask her what makes her partnership with Dorothy Fuchs of Purple Dot Public Relations work. She pointed to 3 things:

  1. One advantage to using a virtual agency is being able to hand pick professionals who are truly experts in their field and being able to customize the team each and every time
  2. Building an effective virtual team means developing and expanding your list of experts and maintaining relationships with colleagues
  3. What Mad Men’s Roger Sterling said about securing accounts is the same for finding partners – find out everything you can about them before you meet and when you do meet, LISTEN!

Join Lisa and Dorothy for the how behind these pointers June 8 at 2:15 p.m. at #PRSAMD17.

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