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Written and submitted by Nicole Cieslak

WebNotes turns the spotlight on member Carmel Hugley, social media and public relations associate for Corvias Solutions.  In this Member Focus, you’ll get to know Carmel, hear about her public relations journey and discover what inspires her.

In addition to leading social media outreach efforts and digital strategy at Corvias Solutions, Carmel is a full-time mother to three wonderful children, which are by far her most rewarding accomplishments. Learn more about Carmel’s passion and expertise in this Member Focus.

Education: I graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and received my master’s degree in Organizational Communications, Public Affairs from Bowie State University.

Job responsibilities: I specialize in projects that focus on communications and digital strategy to help improve and market Corvias Solutions’ virtual presence. I also lead social media outreach efforts and work to identify innovative ways to promote my company’s mission by using online marketing, news dissemination channels and emerging technologies.

Why PR?: I have always had a strong desire and interest to write, from childhood to adulthood. One of my high school teachers was very encouraging and talked to me about pursuing a degree in communications, which ultimately led me to furthering my studies and obtaining a career in my chosen field.

Role model: My parents are my role models because they have always been so supportive of my life decisions and believed that I could accomplish whatever I chose to do with my life. My mom, a staunch advocate of my educational and personal growth, and my dad, the most dedicated and hardworking person I know. Those combined characteristics made me who I am today and I never underestimate the sacrifices they have made in order for me to reach my goals.

Passions/interests/hobbies:  I love traveling, writing and spending time with my family and friends.

Best piece of advice received: If you can’t write something that is worth reading, then do something that is worth writing about.

Hometown:  Washington, D.C.

Connect with me on Linkedin and Twitter @carmel_hugley.

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