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WebNotes turns the spotlight on member Lisa Coster, president of Coster Communications, Ltd.

As president of a communications firm she founded, which serves a wide range of businesses, nonprofits, and governmental agencies in the Baltimore-Washington, DC, metropolitan area, Lisa recently shared with PRSA Maryland why her role models are strong women and how a simple piece of advice from a graduate school professor has been a guiding principle throughout her professional practice. Lisa is the recipient of numerous PRSA awards and honors, and she is a certified member of the Equal Opportunity Business Program in Howard County.

Day-to-Day: As president of Coster Communications, I serve as a consultant, providing strategic communications plans and implementing proposed strategies and tactics for governmental agencies and NGO’s along the Baltimore-Washington, D.C., corridor. Our primary focus is on overall communications management, event planning, media relations, and documents and publications writing, ranging from grants to articles, annual reports, and training materials.

Where’s Home: Baltimore is my home. Currently, I live in Marriottsville, Maryland.

My Education: I graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Journalism; and I have an M.A. in Public Communication from American University.

Do You Have Any Role Models: Well, no one person, specifically. And, no one truly famous. I think I would say that my role models are strong and organized women of age who have become successful in all facets of their lives and who have achieved their success on their own merit. I admire educated women who have meaningful careers that they enjoy; families that they love and care for; a deep faith that inspires and guides them; and, volunteer work that keeps them grounded.

What Inspired You to Choose PR as a Profession: Well, I was a good writer who loved to read, and I was graced with the gift of gab. I thought these qualities, combined with my longtime interest in history and politics, would make me a good reporter. After several layoffs in radio broadcasting, however, I decided to “jump the fence” into PR.

Tell Us About Your Interests & Passions: I love to exercise – everything from weight lifting to cycling, skiing, power-walking, and dancing. I also enjoy entertaining family and friends at home; volunteering at my church, for local political clubs, and with PRSA. When I have time, I also like to travel with my husband and son – in the U.S. and abroad.

What Do You Value Most About PRSA: I value PRSA’s networking and informational and educational events. As a sole proprietor, PRSA has kept me up-to-date with public relations trends and industry news. PRSA also has given me many opportunities to meet professionals with whom I have formed rewarding personal and professional relationships.

Best Advice: One of my professors in graduate school summed up the art and science of communication in these two words – “persuade ethically.” This advice has been a guidepost in my professional career.

Where to Reach Me: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Email


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