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Inside the Crisis Communications Command Center: Presenters

Inside the Crisis Communications Command Center: What You Need To Know

 Friday, September 22, 2017 | 9 a.m. – 12 noon


Daniel Dunne, APR, Past PRSA MD President, PRSA MD Board Member, Director of External Communications, Erickson Living

Throughout Dan’s storied private sector and federal government communication careers there has been one constant – serving a lead role in the management of national, regional, and local crisis situations. As the national spokesperson for Erickson Living (the nation’s 3rd largest independent living provider for seniors), Dan manages a team of five regional communication managers. His team’s crisis communication plan won a PRSA “Best in Maryland” award in 2014, and Dan remains at the forefront in helping Erickson’s 19 communities attain successful communication outcomes, including in difficult circumstances.

Prior to working for Erickson Living, Dan had a distinguished 28 year Federal civil service career with the U.S. Justice Department, where he served the majority of his tenure as a national spokesman in Washington, D.C. As a senior communicator in the government, Dan played a key part in the development of national crisis communication policies and guidelines, as well as successfully managed a myriad of critical incident situations. For example, he served as a Justice Department spokesperson during the 1991 hostage crisis at the Federal Correctional Institution, Talladega, Alabama, and received the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ (BOP) Myrl E. Alexander Award (a national award named after the agency’s 3rd Director) for his leadership in helping coordinate the largest media event in the agency’s history – the execution of Timothy McVeigh (1,600 media onsite).

One of Dan’s greatest joys is being able to share his firsthand crisis communications lessons-learned to help today’s communication professionals be better prepared, regardless of the type of crisis.  He believes that by embracing the the power of public relations, building partnerships, and making investments in being prepared, communicators can achieve success in today’s dynamic media landscape.


Jeffrey Davis, APR, PRSA MD Board Member and Assembly Delegate, Managing Director, Van Eperen

Jeffrey A. Davis, APR, has more than 25 years of news media and national public relations experience and is managing director of the Baltimore office of Van Eperen, an integrated PR and communications firm based in North Bethesda.

As an early adopter, Jeff started using Facebook, Twitter (and MySpace!) for clients in 2007 and the next year the Washington Business Journal wrote about Jeff’s innovative use of Twitter for public relations. He is now a nationally recognized expert in social media, particularly how organizations can successfully integrate social media platforms into traditional communications and crisis management programs. Jeff served for two years as PRSA Maryland Chapter president in 1998 and 1999 and as co-president in 2015.

Jeff holds a degree in journalism from Ohio Wesleyan University. He was a reporter for daily newspapers in Ohio, New Jersey and Maryland before he entered public relations. He also serves as Baltimore editor for the Capitol Communicator and is co-host of two podcasts: Launch Podcast, focusing on startups and their stories, and Practically Social, a podcast about the use of social media in PR campaigns.

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